SolarWinds alerts in your face

Through the years we heard from many of our customers that the SolarWinds alerts are not visible enough. Easily put: they are not in your face. We have listened and we came up with a solution. A newly developed tool which puts the alerts directly in the OS tray. No email, no text message, or timers to check. Let the program alert you in your face!

Customisable to your preferences

The Alert notification tool provides you with options to choose what you want to see. You will get the choice between critical, serious, warning, informational and notices. On top of this filtering, you can set the refresh rate. It ranges from 5 to 500 seconds. Furthermore, you can set the alert notification tool to “do not disturb”. This will keep you out of the alert loop.

Alert Notification Tool

Alert Notification Tool

Your SolarWinds alerts better and more prominently visible

  • Never miss Alerts
  • Get Focus
  • Be Proactive
  • Windows & MacOS
More information

Solarwinds desktop notification tool

Our SolarWinds Notification Tool will warn you directly in the tray of your OS. Immediately, you will know what problem there is. Click on the SolarWinds notification and you will see a complete overview of relevant information. The tool is installed to your OS, so there is no web interface. Furthermore, you can set your personal preferences to filter what you really want to see and be notified about.

Therefore, the tool will help you be more pro-active:

  • See all relevant alerts create an OS notification (Windows: Notification Area, MacOS: Notification Centre).
  • Arrange your view and filter on alert severity to focus on what you want to see.
  • Set the refresh frequency - get information at the speed you need (5s – 500s).
  • Acknowledge alerts - let your colleagues know that you are working on the problem.
  • Append notes to alerts - leave an information trail.
  • Link to the web interface where more details of the alert or triggering object are available.
  • Save your settings for next time.
  • Have a break: There is a “Do not disturb”-button - no need to quit the tool.


Free 14-day trial

The SolarWinds notification tool is made for your convenience. Do not just believe our word for it, try it. You can try the tool for 14 days, free of charge. When the trial passed, you are given the choice to buy a license or discard the tool.

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